Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? Well, we got answers! Uh, hopefully anyway. But if not, hey, feel free to send us a message and ask us. Otherwise, simply click on a question below to see the answer.


Are all of your products made from leather?

Yes! All of our products are made from leather, specifically, latigo leather. Latigo is the tanning process used to make the leather. The tannage of the leather determines what characteristics the leather will have, such as flexibility, weather-ability, and durability, among other things. We spent a lot of time trying out different dog gear made with different materials, and found leather to be the best of the best! Then, we spent 6 months testing out the different types of leather from different suppliers til we found the perfect one. Not only does leather vary by tannage, it also varies from supplier to supplier, and tannery to tannery. For example, leather made in North America is of vast superior quality to that made in China, even if they both are “latigo” leather.

Not all leather is equal, but when you use the best of the best, like we do, you’ll find it’s a superior product to anything out there! Plus, it’s recycling the skins left-over from the meat-industry.

Can your collars get wet?

The short answer is, YES! All of our products, whether it be dog collars and leashes, or cuffs and belts for their humans, can absolutely get wet. We spent a lot of time testing our leather out to make sure it is the most weather-resistant possible. What’s the point of having an awesome looking collar if your pup can’t wear it all the time?

All of the leather in our collars are pretty water resistant. The hardware / fasteners are either stainless steel or solid brass, and the embellishments we use are solid brass or solid brass with a nickel plate, meaning they will not rust. Rust kills leather, so not only is our leather good-to-go, but all the metal parts are too! However, some stones, cabochons, & crystals may be less-swim friendly then others. Please check to make sure you’re not purchasing a collar with those embellishments if you’re pup is a waterdog.

Otherwise, don’t be afraid to let your dog go for a swim in their collar, or run through the mud. You’ll be surprised by how much our collars repel water on their own. We do advise taking the collar off for bath time, as shampoos can cause the dye from the tannery to bleed a little. No worries, your collar will stay it’s original color, your pup may just have a color ring around their neck and need another bath to get rid of it.

Should your collar get absolutely soaked, simply take it off your pup, buckle it and put it some place to dry. Do not hang wet leather collars, leashes, belts, etc. as it can promote stretching. If it feels a little stiff after drying, lightly condition it. Easy peasy!

Is there a lot of care required for Kismet Collar’s gear?

No, not at all! We spent a lot of time, and experimented with a lot of different types of leather, before we found the perfect one!  We’d personally rather be out biking or hiking with our pups than taking care of their gear, so we made sure everything we make is easy to maintenance.

You can check out our very simple care guide here. 
Like all dog gear, just be sure to give it a check every now and then to make sure everything is in great working condition.

How do I measure my dogs neck?

To find out how to measure your dog’s neck, see our Sizing Guide.

Why do I need to measure my dogs neck?

All of our collars are hand-crafted, to order, by us, specifically for your dog. We need to have your dog’s exact neck size so we can make sure his or her collar fits just right. No more worrying about if the collar will be too big or too small. We do make our collars with 5 holes, and your dog’s exact neck size will go right into the middle of them. This is to account for weight loss / gain, as well as winter / summer coats. If you have a growing pup that you want to buy a collar for right now, let us know and we can put their neck size in one of the smaller holes to account for growth.

To find out how to measure your dog’s neck, see our Sizing Guide.

How can I clean my Kismet Collar or leash?

In most cases, a simple rinse under the faucet or a wipe with a wet rag will suffice. But if your pup has been naughty and rolled in something nasty, plain glycerin soap is there to help! Soap it up, rinse off, buckle it, and let it dry out. Soap may dry your leather out however, and dry leather can crack or break, so just remember to recondition it with some neatsfoot oil or your favorite leather conditioner if that is the case. Also important to note, never hang wet leather to dry! This can and will promote stretching.

For more detailed information, check out our very simple care guide.

What hardware options / colors are available?

We use the best of the best, and to match our awesome leather, we have awesome hardware. All buckles, snaps, d-rings, chicago screws, and o-rings are made from either Stainless Steel, or Solid Brass. Stainless Steel is silver in color, and Solid Brass is similar to a gold. Neither will rust, just adding more weather-ability to our products, and both are incredibly strong. That said, Brass will eventually begin to “patina” giving it a very rustic look. The Patina can be easily removed with a little polishing. All of the metal in our rivets, spots, and other embellishments are either solid brass, or solid brass with a nickel plating, also rust-proof. We NEVER use iron, steel, or zinc, all of which are cheap products that will eventually corrode and/or break easily.

For more info about our hardware, check out our Hardware Guide.

Why don’t you offer pink / green / etc. leather colors?

Quality is always our number one important goal. In order to have the strongest, thickest, and most weather-proof leather we could get our hands on, we have to go with a specific leather from a specific supplier. We do not dye our leather ourselves as the tanneries do a much better job than most people. We found the pink/green/blue/etc. leathers to be no where near as strong, nor as weather proof, as the leather we use. Needless to say, it failed every test we tried on it, and thus, we do not use it. If one day we can find a “colored” leather that passes our tests, you can be sure we will add it.

Do you do custom work?

YES! We often do custom work. In fact, most of the collars listed in our shop were custom orders that other people loved, so we made the design readily available. If you have something in mind that you don’t see on our website, let us know and we can work out the details and give you a custom quote.


What payment methods do you accept?

At this time, we are only accepting payments through PayPal. We feel this offers the greatest security for our customers. Simply add all the products you want to the shopping cart, go to checkout, fill in your contact information, and when you get to the “payment” part of the checkout process, you will be re-directed to PayPal‘s website. If you don’t have a PayPal account, no worries, you can check out as a guest using a credit card.

Is the ordering process secure?

Yes! The actual “payment” part of our website’s checkout process uses PayPal‘s secure ordering system to complete your purchase. We never, ever, see your credit card or bank information since the payment is done entirely through PayPal.

What is your return policy?

Due to the time and material costs involved, and the highly custom nature of our gear, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges. Please see Returns & Exchanges for more information.

How long does it take to receive my order?

Please see our Turn Around Time page for current proximate wait time.

Is there a way to get my order faster?

Yes, there is! We understand sometimes special occasions happen, so if you really need that special collar or leash by a certain time frame, we do occasionally offer a rush fee. That will speed-boost your order to the front of the line, allowing us to get your product in the mail within 2-3 weeks. That said, we still can’t make the post office go faster than it does, so be sure to leave a few days worth of transit time when you order.

If we can’t get your product shipped out within a in time, due to needing materials or hardware, we will be sure to let you know in advance and refund your rush fee.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we are able to ship outside of the US to most countries, however, this requires us to calculate the cost of shipping after you order. When you go to checkout, select the “invoice me for additional shipping charges.” We will calculate the cost for USPS International First Class and send you an invoice for it. If you’d prefer a different shipping method, simply let us know in the notes at checkout.

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