Our Story

From the very beginning, Kismet Collars has been about bringing family and friends closer together, whether we’re talking about humans or the canine companions that love them.

It all started years ago, with the journey to find the perfect dogs that would suit our lifestyle, one of adventure, hiking, biking, and all around fun. In our quest to find the dogs we love, we made a ton of friends along the way, from breeders, to rescuers, to just all around awesome “dog people.” They guided us in a way no one else could, to make sure we found our perfect canine companions, as well as show us how to go about training, feeding, and…well, just about everything else that comes with bringing a dog into your life.

That said, our pups are certainly not your average dog that is content to lay around and soak up the rays of the sun. They are a pack of strong pups, with stubborn, energetic, and over all, crazy personalities that go along with being working & hunting line breeds.

Several broken collars later, (& broken leashes, harnesses, tags, and just about any other dog gear you can think of) we got fed up with wasting our time and our money on inferior products. We decided it was time to make our own dog gear, that had everything we wanted, and everything we needed. Dog gear that our pack of crazies would be able to use and abuse, and obviously, look good while they were doing it.

We found, out of all the dog gear we’d bought, leather was the strongest, though most leather had one big fatal flaw; it didn’t take well to water. Well, living in Florida, that just wasn’t acceptable for us, we knew there must be a pretty water-resistant leather out there! We just had to find it. So, we spent 6 months testing out many different types of leather, from various suppliers, before we found the absolute most perfect latigo leather. Not only was it gorgeous & strong, but soft to the touch and repelled water on it’s own incredibly well.

After that, it was picking out the best hardware, fasteners, & embellishments we could find, in addition to learning the leather-crafting trade. Once we got all that down, we still were not satisfied, and wanted to be able to offer something “extra.” We found from dabbling in protection sports with our pups, that collars with the d-ring on the end were the strongest and safest design [ instead of collars made like a typical belt, with the buckle on the end. ] While more difficult to master, we found it to be the absolute best, and something that set our design apart from typical leather dog collars. Any of our collars can be ordered with a d-ring end design if you chose.

Strength, workability, style, durability…these are all things we wanted in our dog gear. Soon after we started making things for ourselves, all of our friends and family started requesting things. It was their way of showing support, and a way of “forcing” us to perfect our craft! However, once they actually got their totally custom gear, made from the best materials possible, and hand-crafted with all the care and love a person can possibly put into what they make, they fell head-over-heels in love! Soon, everyone was telling us we had to go public with this. They pushed us, encouraged us, and sometimes shoved us [ in a good way! ] to start selling. They told their friends, and their friends told their friends, and soon enough we found ourselves with a massive extended family of happy people with happy dogs using our gear.

It is because of our friends and family, that we are here today, able to provide other people and their pups with awesome leather dog collars, leashes, and accessories, and for that, we can never thank them enough!

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