Why Kismet

Along the journey of becoming what we are today, we discovered that one of our pups, Fate, had a degenerative neurological disease. He was around 2 years old when we noticed things were not well. He began developing ataxia, nystagmus, and had the most heart-breaking grand mal seizures that lasted several minutes. As time went on, little by little, he got worse. Something had always been “off” about him, but what we mistook as personality quirks quickly became apparent to be a medical issue.

Despite countless tests, bloodwork, & medications, nothing seemed to really help, other than a steady dose of prednisone. As time went on, however, even the prednisone was unable to help him. His balance became more un-coordinated, he had difficulty eating,  would stumble into things, seizures were increasing, he lost the ability to go on walks…

His odds were not good that he would make it past 3 years old, we were told there were three other cases of this disease in his breed, and none made it to 4 years. Fate passed away exactly 1 month after his 3rd birthday, to our heartbreak.

Even though his time with us was short, my husband & I are blessed to have each been able to each make him a few things he got to use and wear while he was alive. Through Fate, and our collar-making expedition, we met so many amazing people who showed so much support. They helped us when we needed it, were a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, and someone to hug as we watched our sweet baby boy slowly lose his life.

When it came time to pick a name for our company, we felt we had to let Fate leave a legacy behind. We felt fated to have gotten him, lucky to have met so many lovely people because of him, and to be able to have spent some of our life with him. Kismet means Fate, and/or Luck in Arabic and Turkish. We felt it was the embodiment of Fate’s life, our time with him, the journey here, and how we acquired so much “extended family.“

Fate was the sweetest, most caring pup, who truly thought he was human. [ & who are we to argue? ] He helped us raise his “younger siblings” and everyone who met him fell instantly in love. He is incredibly missed, and we are incredibly lucky to have spent three short years with him. He was our heart & soul, taking a piece of us when he went to the other side.

Anyone who has ever lost someone will understand and identify with the concept of “Kismet,” and we hope in this way, everyone gets to meet Fate, and become another member of our extended family.

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