Lifetime Guarantee

Explore with your pup in style, your gear is guaranteed for the most rugged adventures.

Your Kismet Gear is not just pretty, its also rugged, tough, made-to-be-used equipment. Each component is thoroughly tested against the elements, so that whether you & your pup hike, swim, play, or just lay on the couch, you know that your gear is ready for your next great adventure.

So, what does the Guarantee cover?

We think it goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway. All Kismet Gear are fully guareanteed gainst defects in materials and workmanship.

This includes :

  • Hardware
  • – Leather
  • – Renegade Strap
  • – Fasteners
  • – Snaps
  • – Maintenance

Yes, all Kismet Gear, meaning Collars, tags, leashes, belts, or whatever else you might have dreamed up for us to make you.

For tags & metalwork, your engraving is also guaranteed to not fade, or break. Should the coloring come out, we’ll gladly re-ink it for you.

While we doubt you’ll need it, we also guarantee against rust, and even embellishments falling out.

What maintenance is covered?

We promise, all your gear is super low maintenance, even the leather, but we know sometimes it’s just easier to send it to the pros. 🙂

We’re more than happy to re-condition your gear for you, touch up and edges that might’ve gotten rough looking, and even buff out light scratches. We’ll also buff and polish up any metal, and reink or sharpen engravings that might’ve gotten chewed up.

When does the Guarantee start?

It starts from the moment you purchase and receive any of your Kismet gear.

How do I send in my product for repair / maintenance?

If you need a repair, or just want a little maintenance done, simply contact us. We may ask you to send us proof of purchase, and / or pictures of the damaged product beforehand.

How long will my repair or maintenance take?

The short answer is, it depends on our current workload & the type of repair / maintenance needed. On average, expect about 1-6 weeks before we ship your gear back to you.

Who pays for shipping?

We’re happy to fix or maintenance your gear free of charge, but we do ask you cover the costs involved with shipping gear to and from us, with a tracking number.

What isn’t covered under your Guarantee?

We cannot fix or replace any gear that has been chewed, misused, cared for incorrectly, or tampered with. For example, allowing your dog to use its’ collar as a chew toy, or deciding to use your leash to tow your car.

All Kismet Gear is made for everyday adventures, including regular leash walks, hiking, biking, swimming, and even dog sports. While our dog collars are tough, they’re not made for tie-out or all day kenneling. This ages the materials rapidly and shortens its lifespan, thus, we are unable to cover it under our Guarantee.

Cleaning services are also not covered. Please, clean your gear before you send it in. We can’t service dirty items and will simply send them back to you to be cleaned first.

What about Natural Aging or “Wear & Tear?”

Leather does naturally age and wear over time. Our lighter leathers [Canyon, Evening Red, Woodland Brown] will begin to show scratches and look beautifully rugged. As time goes on, the leather absorbs the natural oils from you & your dog, it will change color, usually becoming darker [often hiding many of those scratches.] As leather continues to get used, and loved, it will become more supple, and thus may stretch a little. These things are all normal and unavoidable when using leather gear, and are not covered under our guarantee.

While many people love that their leather’s natural aging tells a story [usually of fun times spent with our dearest canine family] if you do not, chose black leather when buying your gear. It does not show scratches much, if at all.

If your pup is a heavy puller that makes stretching a concern, choose a wider collar that’s made with 2 layers instead of one, and a wider leash to go with it. Avoid extreme tapers such as 1.5″ to .75″ and go with a non-tapered option.

If you’d like to avoid colour changes, condition as little as possible and avoid exposing your leather to the elements. [ rain, snow, etc. ]

Each consumer is responsible for determining the suitability of all Kismet Gear & products for their individual situation and needs. The Consumer or User accepts all responsibility by purchasing and/or using these products.

PLEASE always check all of your gear before use, whether made by us or anyone else. 

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