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Glass Cabochons

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Natural Gemstones

Acrylic Stones

Embellishments are the stones, studs, and spots that we use to decorate the leather gear we offer. We use a wide variety of embellishments to accentuate your dog gear that are durable, add personality, style, and most of all, just look good. Each embellishment is set into the leather, by hand, with the utmost care and attention to detail.

All metal embellishments are 100% made in the U.S.A.


Like our hardware, the most important part of our embellishments is the metal it’s made from, and we are proud to offer only the best, strongest, most rust-proof material; Solid Brass. Due to the fact, we do offer Stainless Steel for our hardware, we wanted our customers to have matching embellishments. For those who prefer silver-colored metal, embellishments are supplied in solid brass with a Nickel Plating.


Gold-like in color, and quite strong, solid brass is a great option for those who love a classic style. Not only is it incredibly strong, it is also highly resistant to corrosion. It develops a patina over time, a natural coating that protects it from rust, and also gives the embellishments a “vintage” look.  The patina can easily be removed.



Silver in color, and still made from solid brass, the nickel plating gives the embellishments a modern look. It does not develop a patina over time, keeping it’s lustrous “new” appearance for years to come. If you select stainless steel hardware, nickel plated brass embellishments are the default to keep your gear matching.



Our stones are incredibly realistic. We offer stones in 7 different options, each one is different then the next, and, except for the solid colors, no two look alike. The level of swirls in each stone will vary, with some being mostly solid, and some being incredibly detailed.



A beautiful dark red, the colour of cranberries! Creates a very classy look!


Sometimes white, sometimes beige, truly a bone color.

Tiger’s Eye

An orange-ish color, with occasional swirls of white. Each is entirely unique.


A very solid, jet black color. Great for a minimalistic style.


A gorgeous shade of green that exudes nobility, it is elegant and refined.


A pearlescent silver-blue, very flashy and has a wonderful sheen


A wonderful shade of sky blue, with occasional dark blue, black, & white flecks or swirls.