Collar Width

Choosing how wide of a collar to buy can be a little overwhelming, and we understand, that’s why we’d like to explain it a little. This isn’t a definitive guide, but it should get you off to the right start! Ultimately, each dog is different, but no doubt that all of them can rock multiple collar widths.

It’s our job to let you know that if you walk your dog with the leash attached to their collar, width is incredibly important for a number of reasons. First, and foremost, the wider the collar, the stronger it’ll be. While our collars are made for every day adventures, it’s always important to buy a collar that matches the strength and activity level of your pup.

Second, the wider the collar, the more pressure is evenly dispersed across your pups neck. Too narrow of a collar can create pin-point pressure, something you don’t want! So if you walk your pups on their collar, you always want to chose a collar that is on the wider end of what they can wear.

Thirdly, while wider is almost always better, it does mean an increase in weight. The bigger hardware [ buckle & d-ring ] make for a heavier collar. That said, we do offer tapering on our 1.25″, 1.5″,  1.75″, & 2″ wide collars. This means you’ll get the benefit of the collar width, but with less of the bulk of the hardware, as we will taper the collar down to smaller hardware at the buckle & d-ring area, as well as the billet.

Lastly, for those extra furry pups, the wider the collar, the more it will show, allowing your pup to flaunt their style.

Smaller Dogs | Generally 40lbs or Under | 11″ to 17″ Necks

These pups will tend to wear collars on the more narrow end of the spectrum, 1.25″ or thinner. Bulkier pups, like those in the pittie range, may chose to go even wider, like 1.5″ wide. Long-necked breeds such as sighthounds may also chose to go with a wider collar, but tapered down to .75″ or 1″ at the buckle. With dogs in the “smaller dogs” group, weight tends to be the most important factor, so remember, the wider the collar, the heavier it is, so chose a tapered option if weight is an important factor for your pup. We have quite a few dogs in this category wearing collars as big as 1.5″ wide.

Typical collar widths: .75″, 1″, & 1.25″

Example Breeds

Shiba Inu, Jack Russel Terrier, Kai Ken, Kishu Ken, Shikoku Ken, Basenji, Beagle, Border Collie, Pembroke Corgi, Cardigan Corgi, Whippet, Pug, French Bulldog, Norrbottenspets, Scottish Terrier, Mini Poodle, Boston Terrier, Mini Bull Terrier, Fox Terrier, Shetland Sheepdog, Swedish Vallhund, Schipperke, German Pinscher, Finnish Spitz, Rat Terrier, Bedlington Terrier

Medium Dogs | Generally 40lbs to 80lbs | 14″ to 20″ Necks

Dogs that fit into the “medium” range group tend to have the biggest range of collar choices. In truth, depending on the pup, they may be able to wear just about any width, especially those on the upper end of the spectrum. That said, because these dogs are bigger, wider collars usually look best on them, at least 1″ width. If you want a wider collar, like a 1.5″+ but have a dog on the smaller end, you can also chose to taper the hardware for a little less bulk. Just remember, smaller hardware will always be less heavy duty then bigger hardware. Quite a few dogs in this category may even go as wide as 2″, especially the stronger and heavier dogs.

Typical collar widths: 1″, 1.25″, 1.5″ & 1.75″

Example Breeds

Dutch Shepherd, Basset Hound, Dalmation, Airdale Terrier, Malinois, Golden Retriever, Labrador Retriever, Shar Pei, Chow Chow, Weimaraner, Vizsla, Siberian Husky, Doberman Pinscher, Samoyed, Keeshond, English Bulldog, Catahoula Leopard, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Greyhound, Pitties, Australian Shepherd, Bull Terrier, Ibizan Hound, Coonhound

Large Dogs | Generally 80lbs to 120lbs+ | 17″ to 23″+ Necks

Even giants need love too! Dogs in the “large” group will benefit the most from our larger widths, at least 1.5″ wide. Sighthounds and other long necked breeds in this group can always chose a tapered option for a less bulky looking collar, keeping in mind the smaller the hardware, the less heavy duty it is. For the pups in this group who just want a nice looking tag collar without worrying about strength, 1.25″ wide is usually a good option, though wider collars have more intricate designs. We have also made collars as wide as 3″ for pups in this group, while not offered in our shop at the moment, just contact us for a custom quote if this is something you’re interested in.

Typical collar widths: 1.5″, 1.75″, & 2″

Example Breeds

Alaskan Malamute, American Akita, Akita Inu, Rottweiler, Bloodhound, Tosa Ken, Great Dane, Giant Schnauzer, St. Bernard, Dogo Argentino, Cane Corso, Boerboel, Bernese Mountain Dog, German Shepherd, Newfoundland, Leonberger, Kangal, Beauceron, Borzoi, Bullmastiff, Neopolitan Mastiff, English Mastiff, Dogue de Bordeaux, Pyrenees, Presa Canario

Ultimately, you will have to evaluate the strength and activity level of your dog, and chose a collar width that best fits your needs. If after reading this, you’re still not sure what width would work best, get in touch with us and we can help you figure it out.

Please also note, we do not currently make collars for tiny / teacup / micro dogs. Our leather itself is just too thick, and the collar would just be too heavy for these little guys and their sensitive necks.

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